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My first French Tart was an experience.

Growing up, watching cartoons on a Saturday morning was just a way of life. I would grab a bowl of cereal and be glued to the TV for hours. But we all know that there was a time when the comedy would end and here come the drama shows, cooking shows and the infamous golf showdowns. Slowly but surely, it was the cooking shows that not only caught my attention but made me ridiculously hungry for food I never dreamed of or had access to. One of those foods was a French made tart. I was amazed by its small size and the detail that was put into making it. I went bananas when I found a small bakery that specializes in French made desserts called Macaron Tart. Now, it was time to tame my childhood sweet tooth and I was pleasantly surprised when it was. I mean, it was good. Like, really good. I thought the crust would be hard and dense from the tart mold, but I loved the crumbly apple pie like texture.

I first tried the Cherry Tart and returned an hour later for the Berry Tart. The shop worker was very humble and made me feel like she really appreciated my business which made the second purchase even easier. Well done Macaron Tart and a salute to the French dessert community.


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