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When the seafood you're craving is super legit. It’s Legal Sea Foods.

First off, please do not underestimate the place because of the name. It’s a famous seafood destination, so the last thing that comes to mind is being common. Seafood has always had a special place in my heart because it was like the treasure chest of dinner options. Think about it. Most people are familiar with having the infamous Fish Fry. You know you’re raising the bar when you start mentioning foods like Calm Chowder, Scallops and the all mighty Lobster. To the fellas out there, can you remember being on that first date as a teenager and sweating bullets? You know we were all nervous. Nervous and wondering if she was going to pick from the side of the menu marked seasonal. What was even worse was if the food wasn’t good. However, with Legal Sea Foods, you’re in good hands and I mean literally because the staff was amazing. They were very attentive and gave me some great menu suggestions. For me, I had my eye fixated on a few options and here’s what I had. 1. The Clam Chowder

The Clam Chowder was smooth and creamy with some great flavor. I really got a feeling that this was made the day I ordered. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo because I evaporated the bowl before I remember to capture the moment. LOL!

The scallops are one of my favorite seafood dishes and these bad boys were perfect. First, it was a nice size. Not those BB Gun Pellets you get at other restaurants. You know the ones that act like their shipments come from a fisherman’s rehabilitation clinic. These were big with a crispy outer coating and tender on the inside with some great flavor.

3. The Lobster Roll The Lobster Roll took me by surprise! Better yet, it took me on a sea food cruise and landed on what a Lobster Roll could be. How about it was a FOOT LONG LOBSTER ROLL! YES! A footlong situation of flavor with big pieces of lobster and not crowding me with the mayo-mix.

And, if you’re asking. I did not have all these in one day. I returned THREE TIMES within two weeks. Plus, they have a cool rewards app where you can earn more delicious bites and nice decor. So, wear your professional jogging pants with the holiday elastic waste band because you’ll be satisfied at this place. Ohh, tell them Chance sent you and enjoy my foodie friends.


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