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Pizza that actually made me eat the crust. It's Mellow Mushroom.

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Mellow Mushroom. Yes, that is the name. However, the name compliments the flavor of the pizza. Let’s just be honest. Doing a pizza review these days can be very difficult with so many varieties and recipes, it’s almost impossible. What caught my attention with this spot was their focus on the part of the pizza I never cared for which is the almighty crust. Even as a kid I just didn’t like it.

Everyone knows that first bite. That rush of flavors of the toppings, cheese, sauce and crust. We all know the happiness of working your way up the middle with that occasional sip of your favorite ice-cold drink. But then it happens. You hit the wall. The wall of tough texture, burnt toast and dried up desert cheese drops. It’s like a bad financial investment. All the value of the toppings, cheese and sauce drop harder than the U.S. economy.

I think somewhere in the universe, a Mellow Mushroom chef was listening and came to the rescue. On that last bite where I normally hit the wall, I found myself licking my fingers and the dough was gone. WHAT THE CHEESE…. TOAST!!! I ate the crust? Their website says that they use a spring water crust. I’ve never heard of that. It was actually fluffy like a pastry with slight garlic notes and sprinkles of parmesan cheese. FINALLY!! I can see why people eat the crust. Now, combine that with the other staples of a good pizza and we have one satisfied customer.


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