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An Uncommon Mental Health Checklist - We can all do something!

What can you do to fight for better mental health? Can you really make a difference in such a growing global issue? The short answer is yes. A very big gigantic yes! However, I believe it depends on your level of proactive behavior. I also believe it can start with one powerful reason as with most things. For me, I’ve found one of many. The most recent is the loss of Stephen “tWitch” Boss. He was the famed DJ on the Ellen Degeneres' talk show. He died at age 40 of an apparent suicide according to reports. It was this tragic passing that ignited layers of emotion. Was he unhappy? How could this happen? He had so much that it just doesn’t make any sense. Of course, if you don’t know, mental health can take on any form and can be like trying to catch an invisible man.

So, what can you do? Actually, there is a lot you can do. Most are as simple as you make them. The first mental position you will take is knowing if you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Here is my Uncommon Checklist to push for more solutions. Of course, aside from any inner medical or preexisting mental issues these are things WE CAN ALL DO as individuals. It may be too complex for some. Tip 1. Don’t Be An Ass

Look at the world. The level of nasty know-it-all people are growing faster than social media app downloads.

Tip 2. Don’t Make Someone’s Day Worse

Stop letting your mind and attitude run wild when situations or people don’t act the way you believe they should.

Tip 3. Control Your Words

What you say can be more powerful than what you do. Words have been a slow death for so many since they were a child and has caused irreversible damage.

Tip 4. Use Compassion Verses Fighting To Be Right

You have a heart. Use the damn thing! Don’t let yourself get into a habit of speaking disingenuous words that’s not backed up with real actions of love.

Tip 5. Be An Asset

Stop trying to judge someone else’s life with your endless opinions, jokes, and sarcasm. Work to help people past just a single check-up call and/or help them find professional help.

I know the world pushes for professional help first. I don’t disagree. However, I believe a large portion of that toxic poison is us. Yes us! All of society. Even some of the nicest people can be the weakest support. I believe professionals need our help as a first line of defense. What is that? It’s about working to be a better person all around and how we can add to someone’s life. Why? This answer is also simple. Life is very creative with placing tremendous challenges in front of us. With that being true, we must be a light to a world hiding the shadows.

I know this proposition may scare some, but never underestimate the power you hold to make a real difference or prevent one from happening. ~

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