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An accident took away 58 years of memories but remembers to be kind.

This was such an unexpected occurrence with meeting Wesley and Christine. I don’t even have a last name for this mysterious man but the series of events that led up to us connecting delivered a confirmation.

Unfortunately, the story started with a real tragedy. Just 24 hours before meeting Wesley, I lost a friend. She was a very intelligent and sweet person. Her death was very unexpected that made me and others that knew her pause in reflection. Truthfully, fear crept in as much as remembrance. Fear of not knowing your own end-date and feeling deep sadness for someone who didn’t know theirs. I couldn’t help but think how time caters to no one’s dreams or ambitions. I can tell you that evening was a quiet one. That next day, plans for dinner were made with extended family that started with a reservation at The Melting Pot Restaurant.

But, you know how it goes. One minute the craving is for bubbling cheeses and the next you want the warmth of the almighty hibachi grill. You know the guys tossing up the culinary machetes and hurling shrimp into your mouth from across the room. It’s like the jump shot of NBA’s Stephen Curry meets the seafood channel. So, we dumped The Melting Pot idea and decided on hibachi. Well, that was until a two hour wait made us u-turn back to the original plan and the appreciation of hot dairy products. During dinner, we did what most do. We fiddled with poking our raw meat into the broth while debating who was the double-dip culprit. As we finished up dinner, a man approached the table in a Christmas shirt.

It was the kind of shirt you see on Hawaiian Shirt Friday’s, but this was the Christmas edition. He explained that he would like to pay for the meal and that he does this on different occasions. All I could think in the moment was WOW! How cool is this? A mountain of hot cheese, table meat, simmering chocolate and now no bill to pay. It was a quadruple win. But, that was just the beginning. I requested a picture of him because who would believe this? He started to tell me his story and let me tell you, this was a story. He explained that he had an accident that erased 58 years of memories. Yes! That was a majority of his life gone. He explained that he experienced a lot of success in his life and now he just enjoys going around being a blessing to others.

I could be wrong, but I remember him saying that he gifted a house to someone before. I know, this is wild. I told him what he was doing was so inspiring. We laughed as we shared our mutual belief in making life worth living. On the way to the car, thoughts of what just happened 24 hours prior came to mind. If there ever was someone looking down and sending a confirmation, this was it. The whole situation was so unreal, but I think the confirmation was that they’re still life to live. Live it with good people. Live it with laughter. Live it with love. Thank you Wesley. You may have forgotten most of your life, but you’ve made me remember mine.


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