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Social cliques. Don't pucker up to a crowd that's not for you.

The concept of social cliques is odd in nature. Think about it. Most of the time you're trying to impress or be around people who don't really care about caring for you at all. That means they think about you as much as they think about washing dishes. Let's just be honest! Who in the hell enjoys doing that? On the bright side, you may impress someone that will figure out just how much they can use you and actually make you proud to be used. That's like a chicken holding a housewarming party in deep fryer meadows. While they're entertaining you, they're the ones getting eaten for someone else's nourishment. So, the point of the story is this, stop looking up to people and just move forward. Move forward until you come across the people where you compliment each other. Smiling together is much better than crying alone.


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