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Holiday kindness is overrated! The truth is revealed.

Throughout the year we're bombarded with messages of holiday cheer and the rules of smiling. Given the state of the world, these sentiments are highly overrated. If you need a holiday to make you appreciate your ability to eat a meal, greet friends and appreciate life then you're living in a bad holiday movie. These aspects are holiday's within themselves. Why? Well, because even on your worst day is just the starting point for someone else's pain, depression and feelings of failure have no limit to how gut-wrenching they can feel. I'm sorry, but you do not have an exclusive arrangement with sorrow. However, you do have options. You can choose to let your situation play itself out or you can dictate how the story will read. It will be challenging, but there's no better feeling than knowing an option exist and that it's there for the taking. Treat people good all year-round. Damn a holiday. With that being said and if a holiday is here, then HAPPY HOLIDAY'S...


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