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People To Meet: Chris Lyons

The first thing that comes to mind with sitting down and talking with Chris Lyons is generational wealth, but not in the traditional sense. Over the years, I’ve watched the continued growth and success of all the Adele Diamond jewelry stores. The company was created and is owned by an entrepreneurial couple, Chris and Ashely Lyons. Considering all of the business ideas and concepts that people take on, you rarely hear of a fine jewelry passion that led to opening several jewelry stores. I mean, seriously. We all know about someone who makes custom jewelry for craft fairs and art shows. Not to mention the talented individuals making jewelry out of beach seashells, rocks, twisted wire and anything else you can imagine. It’s when I see rows upon rows of diamonds that catch the light in such a way that I’m not used to seeing. If your last diamond purchase doesn’t shine like these, it does make you wonder if you bought the right quality and cut. Look at me, I’m sounding like a craftsman polishing precious gems for the international market. This was how I felt after being educated by Chris on what to look for in a diamond. Here are the four key areas I’ve learned from Chris to sharpen your eye when you’re looking for that memorable piece.

1. Carat – The weight of the diamond referring to how big the diamond is.

2. Color – The color of the diamond and how white it is.

3. Clarity – How clear a diamond is as it relates to the flaws you can recognize.

4. Cut – This is the human process of shaping the diamond.

I’m not sure about you, but I kept wondering how someone could know so much about something most of us take for granted, but society holds in the highest regard. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to ask a teenager what they want to be when they grow up, and they pick being a social media influencer. It’s like, all the jobs and skills that make our society interesting never existed. However, as with all good stories, there must be a start. This is where the thoughts of generation wealth came to mind. Chris told me that his grandfather was a woodworker that taught him to make custom bird houses among other things when he was a child, and they would sell them. When I heard this, I was like there it is. The magic moment was revealed. But it goes even deeper. Adele Diamond really came from his wife. Talking to Chris, I became even more intrigued. Turns out, the couple had a neighbor that made jewelry. This neighbor wanted to teach Ashley the art and Chris strongly encouraged her to learn the craft. Overtime, the business was becoming more successful. Chris explains that he was working in marketing at the time, and they joined forces. Think of it, when creativity and business knowledge come together amazing things can happen and they did. Couples in business sounds like a dream come true to some and to others they’d rather close-up shop and go off to the infamous nine-to-five. So, I had to ask what’s the secret and received some pretty good advice.

Tip 1: Love - You better love each other before you start working together.

Tip 2: Compartmentalizing - Keep business at the business and keep personal at home.

Tip 3: Humility - Have enough humility to work with a business coach.

I smiled because seeing how Chris answered the questions led me to believe these were very valuable lessons learned over time. Lessons that have created a foundation for their success. I’m not sure if the term generational wealth stood out to you like it did for me, but let’s look at it. It started with lessons from a grandfather to his grandson. Then, those lessons to a young child contributed to encouraging his wife that ultimately forged a growing business today.

I enjoyed spending time with Chris and learning more about him, his family, and their amazing creativity. According to Chris, there’s more to come and for me, I don’t doubt it one bit. Keep shining or in your case, sparkling.


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