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People To Meet: Whitney Aulston

Whitney Aulston is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is the Executive Director and lead Behavior Specialist of LEAF Behavior Support, LLC, located in Virginia Beach. Whitney is a true fighter. She has turned her love for advocating for those with disabilities into the passion that built her business. According to AAAtraq, over the past 30 or so years, the number of individuals in the United States (age 16 and older) who identify as disabled has increased from 13.2 million people to 61 million people (roughly a 362% increase over the 32-year period). As the need to service those with disabilities increases, so does her commitment to meet the needs of this ever-growing population.

Whitney has carried the belief that just because you have a disability doesn’t make you disabled. This is seen through her co-ownership of We Rock the Spectrum, a new Sensory kid’s gym coming to Chesapeake, Virginia. Can you imagine a place where children with disabilities can play at their own speed and discover their true potential? This is a dream for many that Whitney is making a reality. Her story is told through her public speaking and as a writer. Whitney is the author of 5 books and using them as ways to build bridges with her audience.

As a strong supporter of entrepreneurship, Whitney became a Senior Advocate with the ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program. With a combination of love for the disabled community, an entrepreneur mindset and resistance to give up, Whitney is making a lasting difference.


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