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The Colatteo Coffee House is making conversations.

If you were fortunate to grow up in an area that had real eclectic coffee houses, then you already know! What is their appeal? I don't really know, but there is magic in the air when the decor is comforting, the customer service is welcoming and let's not forget the coffee. Yes. The main event. When the coffee matches the vibe, then you have a winner. I ordered a latte which is one of my favorites. It was rich and smooth alongside a tasty cookie compliment.

On top of that, bring your laptop or a good book and you're already in the zone. Not the Metaverse, but better because it's REAL! This was my experience enjoying some Columbian Coffee at the Colatteo coffee house. What made the experience even better was how I found out about them. It was through a friend, Melissa. I haven't connected with her since before the pandemic. When she nominated this place, I knew it would be good.

She introduced the good coffee coupled with a stimulating conversation on everything from life, the world to dreams. So, if you have an opportunity to share a cup of coffee at a coffee house, do it with a good conversation and you're all set.


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