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The best Oysters Rockefellers is actually at Rockafellas Restaurant.

I’m not sure if you’re a fan of oysters. I must admit they are a little intimidating at first. If you never had them you’ll know. It’s all good once you get past the soft wet texture and its shell presentation. They’re actually pretty good. Some people like them raw. Unfortunately, I haven’t graduated from that university yet. The game elevated for me when I had them as Oysters Rockafellers.

It’s like oysters get their Superman cap once they go into the phone booth and/or oven and come out a super hero. The combination of spinach, cheese and glorious bacon have met their long lost cousin. However, don’t be fouled. Not all Oysters Rockefellers are created equal. I loved the way they’re served at Rockafellers Restaurant.

When you see a dozen hot Oysters Rockafellers with a little crisp hit your table then you will know. This dish doesn’t need sides and only something ice cold to drink can match the experience. Well done Rockafellers Restaurant.

Lastly, I forgot to mention that they’ve appeared on a happy hour menu. So, when you see a person in the corner with five dozen, it might be me.


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