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A program for entrepreneurs that's raising the bar.

The ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program is a business development program by Binchmark, LLC, a company headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. ENTR. is a new business ecosystem providing support for business operators, developing community engagement opportunities and distributing media content.

The program was developed and inspired by Chance Wilson, the Founder and CEO of Binchmark, LLC. The program is offered to new and preexisting business owners on a nomination basis. However, professionals without a nomination are welcome to apply. ENTR. offers a unique four-tier development process to its account holders. This process takes an individual from planning guidance, formation of their digital assets (i.e. custom websites) to their sales materials and press features.

The program takes a different approach by bringing together the practical tools and resources for business owners in one place. These tools help to better position a business owner in their industry while supporting their sales efforts. ENTR. and its mission has built alliances with companies like Dave & Buster’s and Moy Capital to The HIVE, the small business resource center for the City of Virginia Beach.

To learn more about ENTR., please visit


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