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A cheesesteak that made me stop. Thank you IGGLES!

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Philly Style Cheesesteak Sandwiches are simply God’s gift to the sandwich kingdom. Unless you’re vegan, how could you not love them? I mean, think about it. It’s like the best of breakfast, lunch and dinner all rolled into one. It’s because these excuses to eat can include the magic sprinkle of steak. However, it’s when the steak is cooked just right.

By right, I mean not dried out. Plus, the bread has to be soft, but not too much because it has to stand up to the sizzling meat and all the toppings. Now, to be official you have to have at least two sizes. You know the standard or small size for the baby bellies. Then, you need the size where sleep might incur for 24 to 48 hours. People! Hear me loud and clear when I say I’ve finally found a spot that made me write this review.

From the first bite you’ll taste that beefy flavor that’s only completed by the peppers, grilled onions and creamy American cheese. The place was referred to me by a fellow foodie. The place is called IGGLES. I know, I know. The name is wild, but it makes sense. Some of the oddest names drop some of the tastiest food. If you go there, tell them Chance sent you.

I’m really loving on this place so much that I will share exactly how I like my cheesesteak. Everyone has their own recipe, but here’s mine. Hopefully they’ll name a sandwich after me with my combination. I’m proud to announce that IGGLES has made our Fork & Flavor Top Food List. There is a short list of cheesesteak spots I like and this one stands out. Great customer service with good food is a recipe for continued success. Check them out today.

Here’s the Chance Cheesesteak Combo:

  • White American Cheese

  • Sautéed Onions

  • Sweet Peppers

  • Mushrooms

  • Lite Jalapeños

  • Lite Mayo

  • Lite Mustard

Ohh... And tell them to press the meat. Trust me, they'll know.


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